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2024 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
June 24-26, 2024 · Pasco, WA

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Poster size - 36" by 36" (91cm tall by 91cm wide)
Poster Abstracts

Structural Genomics of Neotetraploid Alfalfa to Explore the Process of Polyploidization Anderson, Santoro, Alavi, Albertini, Brummer, Rosellini

Evaluation of Different Strategies to Control Alfalfa Potato Leafhopper Populations in Quebec Claessens, Seguin, Shi, Saguez, Martel

Understanding Segregation Distortion in Diploid Alfalfa King, Davis, Bird, Monroe, Brummer

Building a Cereal Rye Breeding Program for Cover Crop Use Kissing Kucek, Moore, Gonzalez, Reberg-Horton

Harvest Timing & Fall Dormancy Impacts on Soluble Protein Klingenberg, Putnam, Heuschele

Genome-Wide Association & Genomic Prediction of Root System Architecture in Alfalfa Medina, Zhao, Lin, Beil, Sheehan, Irish, Yu, Smith, Samac, Xu

Phenotypic & Genetic Characterization of Non-Dormant Alfalfa Germplasm Across Three Diverse Environments Using DArTag Markers Nonkum, Francis, Irish, Newell, Pap, Beil, Sheehan, Zhao, Lin, Brummer

Selecting High Forage-Yielding Alfalfa Genotypes in a Mediterranean Drought-Prone Environment by Using High-Throughput Phenotyping Noushahi, Inostroza, Barahona, Espinoza, Ovalle, Quitral, Kefauver, Lobos, del Pozo

Establishing a Multi-Environmental Alfalfa Evaluation Network for Climate Resilience & Variety Improvement Odorizzi, Arolfo, Sipowicz, Rios

Forage Mass, Stem Length, Leaf to Stem Ratio, & Nutritive Value of Alfalfa Lines Following Selection for Salt Tolerance Using a Greenhouse Protocol Peel, Anower, Wu

Drought & Salt Induced Specific Rhizosphere Related Bacteria Enhance the Adaptability of Alfalfa to Stress Shi, Yun, Fan, Tang, Zhang

Evaluating Forage Preservatives & Inoculants in Alfalfa Bermudagrass Baleage Stefancik, Tucker, Baxter, Mullenix

Use of Basta (Phosphinothricin) Selection for Genetic Transformation of Regen SY Alfalfa Sullivan, Fanelli

Construction of Synthetic Microbe Communities (SynComs) Conferring Salt Tolerance to Alfalfa Tang, Mei, Shi, Zhang, Cao

Determining Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Root Structure Architecture Using an AI-Driven Mobile Application Weihs, Tang, Tian, Heuschele, Siddique, Terrill, Zhang, York, Zhang, Xu

Acid Soil Adaptation Index: A Field Selection Approach for Improving Low pH Tolerance in Alfalfa Wright Presley, Missaoui

Lightning Poster Abstracts

Genomics Enabled Purging Selection to Develop 200 Alfalfa Inbred Lines Toward High Yield Hybrid ProductionA Zhang, Peel, See, Wagner, Yu

Developing, Testing, & Implementing Improved Alfalfa Varieties for a Water-Challenged FutureA Janssen, Montazar, Putnam, Yost, Brummer

Solving the Mystery of Alfalfa Autotoxicity: Causes & SolutionsA Moore, Baisley, Werner, Cassida

The Compatibility & Contribution of Natural Enemies in Western U.S. Alfalfa ManagementA Ramirez, Bernhardt, Mostafa, Larsen

Alfalfa Nutrient Preservation, Utilization & Cycling in Sustainable Southeastern Livestock SystemsA Tucker, Henson, Zessin, Dillard, Smith, Mullenix

Maximizing Alfalfa's Yield PotentialC Brummer

Enhancing Alfalfa Yields & Stand Life by Improving Management of Seed Rot & Seedling Damping OffC Samac, Larsen, Dornbusch, Snider

A Novel Approach to Expand Our Understanding of Alfalfa Hay Spoilage & Improve the Efficacy of Hay PreservativesA Romero, Annis, Brito, Alvez, Ferraretto

Five Irrigation Approaches for Improving Alfalfa Yield & QualityC Yost, Holt, Egbert, Gale, Nelson, Wilde, Taylor, Creech