NAAIC Honorary Members

NAAIC recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions of alfalfa improvement during their career. Nominations may be made by any active member and submitted to the Honors and Awards Committee Chair. For each biennial meeting the Committee will select the nominees, not to exceed .5% of the current membership total, and submit them to the Executive Committee for approval. Honorary membership will be bestowed at the biennial meeting.

47th NAAIC - 2022

E. Charles Brummer
Mark Smith

46th NAAIC - 2018

David Huset
Daniel Putnam

45th NAAIC - 2016

Jon Reich

44th NAAIC - 2014

JoAnn Lamb

43rd NAAIC - 2012

Mark McCaslin
Joe Bouton

42nd NAAIC - 2010

Paul Sun
Gary R. Bauchan

41st NAAIC - 2008

John Caddel

40th NAAIC - 2006

William "Bill" Knipe
Real Michaud

39th NAAIC - 2004

Warren Thompson
Bill Ford

38th NAAIC - 2002

Garry D. Lacefield
Jim B. Moutray

37th NAAIC - 2000

Richard Berberet
Don Brown

36th NAAIC - 1998

Edwin T. Bingham

35th NAAIC - 1996

Billy A. Melton
James H. Elgin, Jr.
Dwayne A. Rohweder

34th NAAIC - 1994

Kenneth T. Leath
Richard N. Peaden
Melvin D. Rumbaugh

33rd NAAIC - 1992

Donald K. Barnes
John E. Baylor
Donald C. Erwin
Bernard P. Goplen
Darrell A. Miller

32nd NAAIC - 1990

Robert R. Kalton
William R. Kehr
Vern L. Marble
Edgar L. Sorensen

31st NAAIC - 1988

Clarence H. Hanson
Royse P. Murphy
Dale Smith

30th NAAIC - 1986

David F. Beard
C.S. (Gary) Garrison
David H. Heinrichs
Hewith M. Tysdal