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2022 Joint Conference
NAAIC, Trifolium, & Grass Breeders
June 7-9, 2022 · Lansing, MI

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Poster size - 36" by 36" (91cm tall by 91cm wide)
Poster Abstracts

P1. Yield Gap Dynamics of Rainfed Alfalfa in the United States Baral, Lollato, Min

P2. Field Assessment of Alfalfa Populations Selected for Low Dormancy Within Winter-Hardy Cultivars Bertrand, Claessens, Theriault, Lajeunesse, Rocher, Baron

P3. High-Throughput Approach for Phenotyping Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Yield Biswas, Andrad, Lopes de Souz, Singh, Rios

P4. Harvest Schedule Affects Productivity of High-Quality Alfalfa Varieties Grown Across a Latitude Gradient in Michigan Cassida, Kaatz, Jean

P5. Genetic Selection for High Energy in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Stems Claessens, Bertrand, Theriault, Lajeunesse, Rocher

P6. Accessing Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars in Water-limited Environments dos Santos, Gerhardt, Ochsner, Foote, Lollato, Caldeira Rocateli

P7. Breeding for Seed Yield in Crimson Clover Hale, Hayes, Riday, Reberg-Horton, Mirsky, Moore, Ryan, Smith

P8. Alfalfa Breeding: Yield Trial Results From Selection & Intercrossing for Forage Yield & Quality Hansen, Crawford, Moore, Viands

P9. Simple Sequence Repeat Markers for Puccinia Graminis F. Sp. Lolii from the Willamette Valley Hayes, Hollenbeck

P10. GWAS-Assisted Genomic Prediction for Forage Nutritional Quality Traits in Elite Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Germplasm Kaur, Medina Culma, Pierce, Singh Gill, Reich, Damon, Yu, Ray

P11. Identifying the Earliest Stage to Detect Endophyte Presence in Tall Fescue Seedlings Using Molecular Markers Lee, Hill, Missaoui

P12. Using Drones to Control Pests in Alfalfa Long, Li, Giles

P13. Effects of Water Stress on Alfalfa Yield & Nutritive Values Min, Baral

P14. Closing the Alfalfa Yield GapC Orcasberro, Tautges, Undersander, Picasso

P15. Diverse Perennial Circular Forage Systems are Needed to Foster Resilience, Ecosystem Services, & Socioeconomic Benefits in Agricultural Landscapes Picasso, Berti, Cassida, Finan, Hannaway, Lamp, Stevens, Williams

P16. Updating Important Alfalfa Publications Smith, Lea, Henning, Basigalup, Putnam, Lehmkuhler, Van Valin, Tucker, Teutsch

P17. Reconstructing the Red Clover Polyphenol Oxidase System in Alfalfa to Evaluate Its Potential for Post-Harvest Protein Protection Sullivan, Koch

P18. Development of New Alfalfa Products in Combination With Almond Hulls for Emerging Domestic & International Markets Swanson, Zack, DePeters, Putnam

P19. Genetic Relationship & Diversity of 14 Alfalfa Populations Collected From Long-Term Grazing Sites Wang, Biligetu, Bai, Coulman, Qiu

P20. The Genetic Gain Pattern Indicates Additive Gene Effects Controlling Alfalfa Stem Digestibility Xu, Heuschele, Lamb, Jung, Samac

Lightning Poster Abstracts

LP1. Precision Agriculture Tools for Optimizing Alfalfa Production & MarketingA Cassida, Nejadhashemim, Dahlin, Newman, Saravi

LP2. Developing Regionally-Adapted, Resilient Alfalfa Germplasm PoolsA Brummer, Riday, Viands, Hansen, Moore, Irish, Putnam, Rios, Acharya, Claessans, Boe

LP3. Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars to Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, & Forage Quality in Water-Limiting EnvironmentsA Caldeira Rocateli, Lollato, Ochsner, Patrignani, Jones, Gerhardt, Fink

LP4. Establishing the Value of Alfalfa With Highly Digestible FiberA Min, Baral, Ibraheem, Bradford, Buse, Kononoff, Jagadish

LP5. Determining Genetic Factors That Influence Protein Quality & Yield in AlfalfaA Norberg, Lin, Medina, Zanton, Wang, Shewmaker, Fransen, Llewellyn, Yu

LP6. Restoring Grasslands With the Addition of Alfalfa in an Effort to Sustainably Increase Alfalfa Production in the SoutheastA Oakes, Tucker

LP7. Advancing the Use of Alfalfa Leaf Protein Concentrate in Aquafeeds to Enhance Finfish Production & Reduce Environmental Impacts in Aquaculture ProductionA Samac, Deng, Shepherd, Digman

LP8. Breeding Alfalfa for Intercropping With Intermediate Wheatgrass: Towards Perennial Grain-Forage SystemsA Moore, Hansen, Jungers, Goplen, Picasso, Riday, Schlautman

LP9. Alfalfa Nutrient Preservation, Utilization & Cycling in Sustainable Southeastern Livestock SystemsA Tucker, Mullenix, Prevatt, Burt, da Silva

LP10. Spring Black Stem & Stemphylium Leaf Spot Resistance Screening in the USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm Systemís Medicago spp. Genetic ResourcesC Irish, Shellenberger, Cervantes, Porter, Samac

LP11. Characterizing Benefits of Alfalfa in Rotation & Communicating Value of Environmental Services to the PublicC Tautges, Putnam, Woodward

LP12. Developing Practical Phosphorus & Potassium Tissue Test Recommendations & Utilizing Struvite in Modern Alfalfa Systems IIIC Norberg, Fransen, Harrison, Llewellyn, Whitefield, Driver

LP13. Efficacy of Residual Herbicides for Weed Control & Reducing Weed Impacts on Alfalfa Yield & QualityC Adjesiwor, Lawrence