1. LM 455 traces to two experimental populations. One population was developed from WL 318 by two cycles of phenotypic recurrent selection for resistance to Phytophthora root rot, anthracnose, spotted alfalfa aphid and stem nematode. The second population consisted of Verticillium wilt resistant selections from Sabilt, Sverre and Vertus. Two hundred plants from the WL 318 population (67%) were intercrossed with 100 plants from the Sabilt-Sverre Vertus population (33%) to produce the Syn. 1 generation. Estimated germplasm sources are M. falcata (2%), Ladak (1%), M. varia (18%), Turkistan (15%), Flemish (37%), Chilean (15%), Peruvian (3%) and unknown (9%).

2. LM 455 is adapted to, and intended for use in the western region of the US where moderately dormant varieties are grown. It has been tested in NM, CA, NV, IL, IA, MI, SD, and WI.

3. LM 455 is a moderately dormant variety with fall dormancy similar to Lahontan. Flower color of the Syn. 2 is approximately 90% purple, 7% variegated, and 3% white with a trace of cream and yellow flowers.

4. LM 455 has high resistance to Fusarium wilt, pea aphid and spotted alfalfa aphid; resistance to bacterial wilt, Phytophthora root rot, stem nematode and blue alfalfa aphid; moderate resistance to Verticillium wilt and southern root-knot nematode (M. incognita); and low resistance to anthracnose (Race 1). LM 455 has not been tested for resistance to Aphanomyces root rot

5. Breeder seed (Syn. 1) was produced in an open isolation in 1981 and 1982 and bulked, with sufficient quantity held in storage for the life of the variety. Seed increase is on a three generation basis with 2, 3 and 6 year stand life permitted for breeder (Syn. 1), foundation (Syn. 2), and certified (Syn. 3) seed classes, respectively. Breeder seed production is limited to CA with foundation and certified seed production limited to CA, WA, OR or ID. Breeder seed will be maintained by Lohse Mill Inc.

6. Certified seed will be available in 1993.

7. No application will be made for plant variety protection.

8. Information in this application may be given to the PVP office.

9. Variety name: LM 455

Experimental designations: IH-101, GT55, NPI455

Date NA&MLVRB first accepted this variety: 3/93

Dates previous amendments were accepted: January 1997

Date this amendment submitted:12/01/97

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