1. FG 9G5 15 is a synthetic variety with 145 parent plants. Parent plants were selected for persistence and vigor from old forage trials. Germplasm sources used in developing FG 9G5 15 were Coronado (46%), DK189 (22%), Beacon (18%) and 9L900 (14%). Seed was harvested in total on all parents and bulked to form breeder seed. Approximate germplasm source contributions are: M.falcata (1%), Ladak (3%), M. varia (4%), Turkistan (12%), Flemish (6%), Chilean (10%), Peruvian (1%), Indian (18%), African (38%) and unknown (7%).

2. This variety is adapted to the Southwest. This variety has been tested in Idaho, California and Argentina It will be used in the southwestern US and Argentina.

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