1. El Tigre Verde was developed through mass selection in over 320 acres of 2 to 4 year old hay fields in the southern Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys of California. Selection criteria were vigor, uniform growth, and lack of symptoms of pest susceptibility. The plants were potted and further rogued by about 23% for good agronomic characteristics resulting in 154 parent plants. The plants were interpollinated with leaf cutter and honey bees under cage. The parentage traces to AS 13R, Pierce, ND85 Brand, WL 515, Madera, and Mission 477 Brand. The estimated percentages of germplasm sources are: M. falcata 1, Ladak 1, M. varia 4, Turkistan 18, Flemish 1, Chilean 9, Peruvian 1, Indian 28, African 11, and Unknown 26.

2. El Tigre Verde is adapted to the southern Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, CA where it has been tested It is intended for use in this and similar areas.

3. The flowers of El Tigre Verde are 99% purple and about 1% variegated with a trace of cream and white in the Syn 1 generation. The fall dormancy is 8.

4. El Tigre Verde has high resistance to Fusarium wilt and spotted alfalfa aphid It has resistance to Phytophthora root rot, pea aphid, stem nematode, and southern root-knot nematode. It has moderate resistance to bacterial wilt and blue alfalfa aphid It has low resistance to anthracnose (Race 1) and Verticillium wilt. Its reaction to Aphanomyces root rot (race 1) has not been determined.

5. The seed of El Tigre Verde will be increased in the sequence of breeder, foundation and certified. Breeder seed (Syn 1) was produced under cage in 1988 and 1989 near Woodland CA. The seeds of each cage are bulked to plant foundation seed fields (syn 2). The breeder will have the option to increase foundation seed from Syn 2 to Syn 3. Certified seed (Syn 3 or 4) will be produced from foundation seed. Sufficient breeder or and/or foundation seed will be maintained by I. K. Seed Research, Inc for the life of the variety. Stand limitation for breeder, foundation, and certified will be 2,4, and 6 years respectively.

6. Certified seed will be sold in l997.

7. The need for Plant Variety Protection (PVP) has not been determined.

8. This information may be forwarded to the PVP office.

9. Variety Name: El Tigre Verde Experimental designations:IK 8803 and 8803

Date NA&MLRB fist accepted this variety: 1/96.

Dates previous amendments were submitted: 1/22/96 Date this amendment submitted: 1/27/97

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