1. CW 2870 is a synthetic variety with 62 parent plants which were selected sequentially for resistance to Phytophthora root rot, Anthracnose (race 1), and seed yield. Parent plants were selected from crosses between selections from various populations developed by a combination of phenotypic recurrent selection and strain crossing with selection for one or more of the following pests: Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, anthracnose (race 1), Phytophthora root rot, blue alfalfa aphid, and spotted alfalfa aphid Parentage of CW 2870 traces to the following germplasm sources: CW 446, Condor, CW 2818, Express, Mecca, Armona, and UC 332. Approximate germplasm source contributions are as follows: Ladak (1%), M. varia (4%), Turkistan (10%), Flemish (6%), Chilean (8%), Peruvian (1%), Indian (28%), African (35%), and Unknown (7%).

2. CW 2870 is adapted to the Southwestern U. S. and is intended for use in the Southwestern U. S. , Mexico, and Argentina. CW 2870 has been tested in California.

3. CW 2870 is a nondonnant variety with fall dormancy similar to Mesilla Flower color observed in the Syn. 2 generation is greater than 99% purple, with a trace of variegated, yellow, white, and cream.

4. CW 2870 h