1. 57Q77 is a synthetic variety of 175 parental plants tracing to seven (7) half-sib progeny lines. The lines were selected based on polycross (Half-sib) progeny tests for relative feed value (RFV) and forage yield. The original seven female parents were selected for anthracnose (race 1) or Phytophthora from five different Pioneer experimental lines. 57Q77 traces to CUFlOI (29%), MNPD-1 (7%), 524 (7%), Washoe (6%), Apollo (5%), Caliverde 65 (4%), Lahontan (3%), Condura 73 (2%), Nevada SynXX (2%) with minor contributions from Culver, Narragansett, Iroquois, AtraSS, Cherokee, Armor, Anchor, Citation, Vernal, Titan, Weevlchek, Nugget, Tempo, Kanza. Germplasm sources are approximately: Medicago falcata (2. 6%), Ladak (4. 8%), M varia (8. 9%), Turkistan